Saturday, June 17, 2006

Let there be light!

Thanks to the mighty efforts of Fed-Ex and our own Alan and Dwayne, we had normal lights for the performance last night. Yee haw. We enjoyed other excitement, though. During the dance number "Goin Courtin'", one of the actor's shoes flew off, shattered the four wall and fell in the middle of the second row of audience members. He stopped dancing and assumed a searching pose...the audience rummaged about, produced the shoe and threw it back up onstage. Once again, hurray for live theatre.

Rehearsals for "Hello Dolly!" are going just swimmingly. We have almost all of Act 1 blocked and choreographed, with all of the music learned - provided the actors remember it all. Notes and cut-offs tend to go out the window once they're on their feet dancing. It all comes together again in the end though.

All of our shows this season are set within the same two time periods, but within that scope there is such a huge difference in the stories and style of presentation. I've loved seeing the plays come together each in their different way, with different directors, watching actors morph into different roles. Cheesy - but true. The feedback from the audience every night for the shows that are already open keeps everyone's sparkle alive, too, and motivation high. People are tired, but at least we remember why we're doing it.
Ciao for now...

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Monica said...

Oh Jess Owen! how I miss you and will miss you next season. I dislike breaking in a new stage manager. Keep me posted and come visit next season if you can.