Friday, August 31, 2007

The Recipe

For Large Musical
10 Actors
1 Large and intimidating set
A handful of crew (but probably not enough)
7 gallons of Glitter
A variety of Designers
A judicious sprinkling of Musicians
100 Beers
10 gallons of Coffee

Mix together and stir for two weeks. Bake at high temperature under particolored lights in a darkened space for three days.
Dump in Audience.
Serve up one Godspell (serves 300)

For One Smaller musical:
4 Actors
1 Large and funky set.
1 Piano Player
1 Violinist

Note: While it is an interesting experiment to attempt this Recipe with the Cook/director gone for three days, it is not recommended. Also never underestimate the complexity of a recipe due to its smaller portions. Time and forethought are recommended for this recipe as much as for the Large Musical.
Throw together in two days under Lights on Set. May be disatisfying if ingredients are not allowed proper cooking time. Given one performance in front of an audience and an extra tech rehearsal, better results may be achieved.

For One Comedy:
4 Actors
1 shit-ton of Dialogue
1 semi-absent-for-the-first-few-rehearsals-SM
1 or 2 Nervous Breakdowns

As for the Smaller Musical, the amount of Cooking Time for the comedy is not to be underestimated. Fewer ingredients does not equal less cooking time. Dished up prematurely, such a Recipe may end up lumpy and less palatable than one given an extra few days to cook.
This time may be substituted for extra Line rehearsals in addition to quick Broiling in front of an audience.

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