Saturday, January 10, 2009

Special Saturday Quote of the Day Edition

This one's for Lauren.
Well, the G-Man has been knocking them out of the ballpark as far as quotes of the day are concerned. Here are a few gems from rehearsal:

Greg: "Could you take out the pause there and just say, "Hello ladies?"
Jackson: "But...there's a comma."
(Greg falls flat on his back on the stage in despair).

Yes, that actually happened. Priceless moments in theatre. Here are some more:

Always follow the turnip greens. -GJ

When you say 'Ivanhoe', it's like saying 'bucket of shit.' -GJ

Can you tighten that up? This is not, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' or 'The Heck Tate Story.' -GJ

America is based on the touchdown. -GJ

Whether you believe it or not...they were all funny at the time. Have a great weekend.


LIZZIE said...

I wasn't there and I thought they were all funny!

Lauren said...

LOL! Thank you Jess! I'm honored. :) And they're all awesome. I must admit, just the anticipation of what might come from Greg's mouth is part of what kept me going to directing lol.