Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bona Fide Professional

All right...so the plan to keep writing is to keep these posts shorter, more focused and hopefully still somewhat interesting and meaningful.

With that in mind, today's story involves our interim Atticus. I sometimes avoid using names of people on this blog (not that many people read now), but it is a small world and not all stories are flattering.

But Kelly Boulware is one of the finest professionals I've ever seen. When our Atticus from last spring made a deal with the director to be allowed to miss the first four performances as well as the brush-up rehearsal period, they hired another man to replace him for that time period. Kelly has dived into an already-formed production with cast members who've done over a hundred performances together. He had a week to slap together one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the English language - and he's fighting for it like a warrior. He came in nearly off book (some paraphrasing here and there), and though I was skeptical (read: terrified), I feel good now. The shows will be good.

This isn't a writing just to rest laurels on an actor, though. Moreso I want to say how inspiring it is to see someone working so hard and full of heart in his craft. With so many people counting on him as an axis point of the show, he's done the work with diligence, good will and humor.

So whatever that project or job or challenge is, I say go ahead and have faith in your powers and do it. If the experience, willingness and work is in you, do it.

And that's today's sermon.

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LIZZIE said...

Ah, she is writing again. You are back in my morning routine. Cup of coffee, read paper, then on to reading your blog. Thanks Jess. You make my morning complete.