Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Halloween Pics

Here with my beautiful friend Lily...any Futurama fans out there?

Leather band was purchased and distressed. Metal bits found in a junk bin in the pawn shop. Gold pocket watch found at "Paul's Shop" in Cleveland, MS.

Calling the show in style!

The whole picture :D

All righty! Here are the pics of the costume. I was pretty darn happy with most of it. I still need to get detail shots of the goggles. If I'd had more time and resources, I would have made them truly functional in my usual obsessive way.

The watch is functional. :D And I "built" (as we say in theatre) both those pieces, and the broom.


LIZZIE said...

You look pretty darn cute there. You could sell watches and market them as "Junk Yard Watches." After seeing the pictures, it makes me miss you all the more.

I love the fact you are blogging more.

Lauren said...

I do love your outfit. And I'm totally jealous of that watch. I think I want you to help me make one. :)

Jess said...

Christmas is coming...

Anonymous said...

Your costume is amazing, but Gary and I are wondering who/what you were? Steampunk witch?

Anonymous said...

Ummm.. and I just watched your Monday Mingle, so hooray! Steampunk witch it is. You looked great!