Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things I'll Miss

...things we say backstage, in the vans, to each other...that no one outside the company will understand. new nickname 'J.O.' ...will become unneccessary. *sigh*

..Driving. Yes, drivin' in my Blue Van.

..Fun local crews.

...beautiful theatres.

..old haunted theatres. awesome theatres.

...finding the little coffee shops and delicious restaurants in out-of-the-way places.

..watching audience reactions.

...all the people in the cast. Yes, all of them. Especially my Montana colleagues, my old tour buddies.

..headset chatter.

...surprisingly awesome hotels (Holiday Inn Express!) food.

..the preshow music.

The tour.

At this time I don't know when I'll be touring again. Maybe 2011, who knows? This blog may go quiet for awhile, because I'm working on a different project, but I'll try to update with theatre trivia, stories, pictures, opinions and fun. I will also keep you posted on the project I'm working it.

Happy trails, have a good one... and hey, go see a show!


LIZZIE said...

What wonderful memories you have. Sorry to see you put this blog to sleep for a while. It's part of my morning routine. What is your other project?

Jess said...

Well I don't want to talk much about it for fear of it not happening >_< But I've had in mind for awhile to do a theatre comic.. I have a few drawn up and an account at comic genesis..I'll keep you posted!