Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Day in the Life

We live in a hotel with bagels or cereal or fruit for breakfast - depending on how hungry or virtuous you're feeling that day. Our suites sit in a seperate building, so breakfast requires a brief trek to the lobby through whatever the weather is today.

It's snowing today. But I have my own coffee pot, and coffee. I just recieved as a Christmas gift two 1/2 pounds of Montana Coffee Trader's beans - Dutch Bavarian Chocolate and French Roast. Why would I walk through the snow for Griz blend in a thermos?

The alarm on my cellphone is fairly gentle but thank goodness for snooze buttons. I get in later than the assistant master electrician - who I'm rooming with for the rehearsal period, so I generally sleep later. I roll in quietly and she rolls out quietly and sometimes our ships might pass.

Breakfast is brief and simple; I eat lunch before rehearsal so no need to chow down in the morning. But I linger over my coffee. Sets my mood for the day, that time over coffee - more than how much sleep I got or whether the sun is shining. It's less about the caffiene and more about the ritual. I like having the morning because today I have to ship off Christmas packages (don't worry, the destination is only two hours away so they should arrive in time).

Then it's off to the theatre. I make a round around the offices and halls to see if anyone needs anything they haven't called me about before now.

Into the theatre and onstage to see if things are in order for rehearsal. My assistant has water heating for tea and coffee brewing - I don't need more but some people like it in the afternoon and the smell is always invigorating.

And I sit and do my part to keep things moving and in order, although sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in the creative whirl and laugh along with everyone or sit in silence after someone has discovered a profound moment. I keep track of the time (with my trusty stopwatch), and make sure we take the required union breaks. I love rehearsals. It's like popping in a brand new movie that's being made while you watch.

Dinner. Maybe a nap.

Rehearsal in the evening. More of the same as rehearsal in the afternoon, but now everyone else has left the building except the janitors and it's just us, the stage, the set and the script. The energy is all in there. People get heavy-eyed around nine but progress is good. We keep the tea and the snacks flowing and make it through.
People head out, back home or out for fun. My assistant locks up the theatre, cleans up the coffee and tea table. I write up the report of our rehearsal for everyone - specifying if there are any new needs in the way of costumes, props, sound, lighting or scenery. Or anything else.

Sometimes there's drinks after. A beer. A dessert somewhere. I didn't go out last night even though we got out early. It was a long day even though I had my good coffee time in the morning.

Some consideration of going to bed early. But there has to be non-theatre time too. So we stay up. I help my roomie shop online, watch some tv and play on the internet.
And sleep.

And there's that alarm on my phone again.

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