Monday, December 11, 2006

Let the season begin

Deck the halls!

And gear up for tour. My first work day back in Missoula and I hit the a nice, steady jog really. It's wonderful to see my university building again, be back in one of my many homes (the Campus Inn!) Since rehearsals are beginning earlier this year and we won't be home for Christmas, I purchased an adorable little Christmas tree about 3 1/2 feet tall, planted it in a red Ace bucket and decked it in tinsel, little lights and candy canes. Voila. Christmas has arrived. I just need to get some presents to put under it. I also plan to host a Christmas party for the company members who don't have family in town or other plans. Imagine that - a theatre Christmas party...that's actually on Christmas day!

The Rep has purchased a beautiful, shiny silver Ford Windstar van to add to its tour fleet. I myself will continue to drive the blue Stealth Van of which I have grown so fond over the last three years. The little van has some pickup! Vroom. People always try to pass her because the Van is cleverly disguised as a nondescript Soccer Mom car that seems to be puttering along slowly, but let me tell don't know the meaning of Stealth until you put on the Cruise control in that blue mini and coast up a hill or two past those hot-rodding Dodge Ram pickup trucks or a nice big 18-wheeler. Ha hA!

But I digress.

Back to haunting my old halls and falling into a wonderful routine. There's such an energy rush once I get back on a job, and I already know what's what and where to dive in; feeling organized, wanted and competent, and excited about a new project and new people. And new cities! We're going so many places this tour. Old cities, new cities, borrowed cities, blue cities... wait, that's not right. Something like that, though.

This week is mostly phone calls, organizing and planning. We have our first full company meeting on Monday. It's like a mini Christmas... the gift of new folks and sharing excitement over our upcoming adventure. Conflicts and challenges will emerge but for now.. welcome to the honeymoon.


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