Sunday, March 04, 2007


A sunset from...Utah(?)

I rode in the Green Van today. Lauren and I sat in the back like kids on the bus with Lordan ahead of us, then Libby, and J.R. and Suzy at the helm. That was like a little play all in itself. I didn't have to drive today, which left a lot of time for reading, sleeping and pondering.

It occured to me today that as we're going through random towns that no one would pick out on a map and say, "I bet they have great theatre there," there is always something. There is always a group of people determined to make art somewhere. Sometimes the community loves, supports and nurtures its artists and performers and sometimes it takes them awhile to come around if they ever do.

But while we humans don't always feel the need to experience art, I have seen that some of us never stop feeling the need to create it.

It certainly isn't a new realization, but it was interesting to experience it now and think about in relation to our travels and the hoops we see people leap through in order to create.

Think about it...

and happy trails for now.

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