Thursday, March 01, 2007

On the Ferry

Our next stop was Orange, Texas, which for many of us is like coming to a second home. We get hugs when we walk through the door and they feed us a home made feast.
But first, we got a little adventure! Taking the ferry from Galveston is a novel way to get off the island, commune with the sea and some gulls and get some good photos that make it look as if we're doing interesting things.

So long, Galveston!

Marie and Lauren venture from the van...

Now, this is the oddest thing ever. I got my usual 'Here's me on tour!' shot. The one on the top is from this year. The one on the bottom is from last year. Does anyone else notice something spooky? If you spot it, you win a prize.

..I think it's time for me to buy some new shirts.

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