Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dudes, Pirates and Hoopla

Next stop: Billings, Montana!

Last year we skipped the Alberta Bair theatre, so it was a new stop for Yours Truly ( as stage manager, anyway). However, we did stay at the Dude Rancher, our old standby because it's right across the street from the theatre. So close. Yet so far when you have work to do!

On a personal note, a dear friend of mine was moving cross country and arranged her grueling driving schedule so that she and her friend could stop through Billings and say hi. I played host to them and a couple of cats and we saw Pan's Labrynth (brilliant and beautiful!) went shopping, bought a game of Pirates and played Hoopla! with some of the other company members while overindulging in a variety of tasty icecreams.

Yes, and we did a show! In the funky Alberta Bair with its sideways leaning seats, with a Pilsbury dough-boy staring me in the face.

...sometimes, there's just nothing else to say.

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