Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Mother Lode

We won't comment on how long it's been since the last post... we will just catch up and forge ahead!

Next stop: Butte, Montana and the Motherlode theatre. Uncannily, the Motherlode's cornerstone was laid in 1923, just like the Ellen Eccles of wonderful Logan, Utah. However, when the ML's cornerstone was laid it was as a hall built by the Masons to rival the Catholic YMCA across the street. (I favor the Motherlode for architectural appeal), and then as the Fox theatre. My grandmother, a Butte native, has some wonderful stories about her times at the Fox theatre. And now it is the Mother Lode, always a good but bitterly cold and snowy stop on our journey.

I love the decoration of the building... it looks a bit like a beehive on the inside. Does anyone know the significance of the pattern that repeats in the decoration? It looks Middle-Eastern or Indian to me...

Anyone know what this is about?

Marie enjoys some wide open stage time.

The show has been getting some really beautiful response from audience. Tears and laughter, people making a point to come up to us after and tell us how much they enjoyed it - sending letters and emails and telling their friends.

Who could ask for anything more?

Next up.. more Montana!

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