Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Cast

After weeks of rehearsal that I've been negligent in updating, the Core and real story of our tour begins now and I am excited to bring everyone along for the ride. We leave tomorrow at 8:30am. So first, let's get everyone grounded and ready for the adventure.

The Plot: Montana Repertory Theatre's National Tour of Lost in Yonkers, Pulitzer prize-winning, heartfelt comedy by Neil Simon.

The Cast....
Me: Stage Manager.

Libby: Company Manager. Montana native, bright, sprightly, spunky Momma of tour!

Derek: Technical Director. Montana native, friend, classmate and smartass extraordinaire.

Alan: Lighting Designer/Master Electrician. Montana native, friend, classmate, Munchkin player & fellow computer-geek extraordinaire.

Nora: Wardrobe Mistress. Montana native, friend, classmate, superhypercheerfulaxepealidocious girl of never ending adventure and amusement.

Katie: Assistant Master Electrician. Friend, classmate, party-girl then buckle down and work hard!

Dan: Sound designer/Engineer. Friend, almost classmate, even-keel, cultured crewman of endless patience.

Lauren: My assistant! Friend and birthday twin, fellow Bigfork Playhouse alum, generous enough to laugh at my jokes ;)

Danny: Actor, U of M almost-graduate. Playing Jay..hard working, quiet, funny, attentive with impressive work ethic.

Marie: Actress, U of M Sophmore. Playing Arty. Also hard working, impressive ethic and discipline, good humor and sweetness.

Martha: Actress, U of M, playing Aunt Gert. Witty, dry, hard worker, grounded, gritty and lively, partier streak.

Suzy: Equity actress, playing Grandma. Toured last year and years before me, intense, powerful, funny, secretly a partygirl...

J.R.: Equity actor, playing Eddie. Toured last year, even-keeled, funny, knows and finds all the good places to eat and drink and can tell you anything about a glass of wine.

Lordan: Equity actress, first tour with the Rep. Playing Bella..quiet, funny, sweet and quirky. Wonderful to watch onstage, excellent comedian.

Jason: Equity actor, first tour with the Rep. Playing Uncle Louie. Charming, fun, hysterical to watch onstage, seems ready for tour!

Secondary Cast...

Kara: Director of Lost in Yonkers, accompanying us for the first week of tour..

Greg Johnson: Artistic Director for the Montana Rep, the eyes from above..

Steve Wing: Production Manager of the Rep and U of M Drama/Dance department. Highly respected mentor.

LisaMarie: Assistant to Greg and all-around problem solver.

Our story begins tomorrow in Plains, a favorite stop by Rep tour veterans, where we perform in the highschool gymnasium and get fed by the locals.

Buckle your seatbelt.

Let the journey begin.

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