Sunday, January 28, 2007

Missoooou! Week 2

Back to our home field! As it were. We rolled into town last Saturday to throw up the set for our Benefit performance and afterward danced and drank and ate little snacks until we just couldn't dance or drink or eat anymore. For some fun pictures of this festive event see Lauren's Blog.

Then it was Sunday. And on Sunday... we rest. Slept. Ate Sushi. Slept more.

Monday... slept.

Tuesday... slept, and then did a show in the evening.

Wednesday we had a noon matinee for a gaggle of highschoolers from the nearby region. They were moderately well behaved and enjoyed the show. I'm sure they would enjoy anything more than being in class, but at least we can say they didn't throw anything at the stage. I've heard some horror stories about that kind of thing.

Thursday.. another show! Imagine that. My parents came to this one, making it just that much more special. It means so much that they care to come and see the work I'm involved in, especially when they have friends who ask, "So, is Jessica in this play now?" They just don't know the business.

Friday... revving up, getting excited to be back on the road (even though we're boomeranging back in a week again for the Thespian Convention). Another double show day; a highschool matinee and evening performance. Highschoolers packed the theatre for the noon matinee. They started out rowdy but ended appreciative and generally well mannered. Pretty gratifying to give them something fun and of value on a school day.

Saturday... sooo close! A later afternoon matinee and then an evening performance and..load out! We had a couple of stalwart, kind souls help us pack everything up and we kept it down to 2 1/2 hours; not bad for having just a few extra hands. Not bad at all. Then we all scuttled home to pack.

Yes, I know... the week in review is pretty unexciting, but that brings us to... Logan!

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