Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gold in the Hills

We love Logan!
Weather: Frosty but sunny!
Breakfast: Not bad, oatmeal and a muffin with watery coffee :(
The Theatre: Gorgeous.
The Eccles theatre was built in 1923 to replace the Capitol theatre which had burned down. It's a beautiful little opera house with plush, warm red seats, white angel and ram reliefs and musical instruments detail in real gold. A tile mosaic of a phoenix spans one wall, depicting the theatre's own rise from the ashes.
Rebuilt by Mr. George Thatcher, who owned a recently renovated mansion attached to the theatre... it became a movie theatre for a time, fell into disrepair and then was rescued in 1993 by a few brave souls who brought it back to its old glory. They now host a multitude of touring shows every season and in the summer it is home to the Utah Opera festival, giving work to over a hundred actors and technicians. Who knew?

Yes, that is real gold.

And all nestled in the middle of the mountains of Utah.

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Lauren said...

We do love Logan. :) Excellent pictures as usual!