Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where are all the Canadians going?

Sunday, 1-28
It's my sister's birthday. 26 today, can you believe that?
It's also the day we set out for Logan, Utah! I drove Alan and Nora to the University this morning to drop them off at the Budget trucks, then swung back around to pick up Marie and Lauren and off we went!
Not a cloud touched the sky for our entire drive, except to give us a dramatic sunset when we hit the Utah/Idaho border.

Down one stretch of I-15 we passed a suspicious number of vehicles from Canada - a whole convoy of RVs and cars all motoring on down south. Perhaps there's a flood headed our way? We also saw some folks from Virginia, but that just didn't add up so I figured it was coincidence. Either way, we split ways with the Canadians once we took a Historic Byway down US 91 south. I don't know much about the history, but the mountains were gorgeous, glowing with snow and sunset.

We also passed a "Sheep Experimentation Center" as noted on our atlas. Hm. We decided not to stop and look around, though.

Lunch in Idaho Falls at O'Brady's family restaurant. Mediocre food and disappointing hot fudge sundae, but they had amusing little books on the tables to read while we waited for our food.

As stated, we took our little byway down into Utah, rolled through a couple of historic towns and more beautiful mountains and ended in Logan! Where we are staying at a beautiful Best Western with fridges and microwaves in the rooms, an Albertson's, Hastings and other shopping goodies within walking distance and ...well, we'll just see what the theatre has to offer tomorrow!

In Review...
Weather: Gorgeous, sunny and cold!
Scenery: There is a God.
Mood: Bright and adventurous!
Traffic: Swarms of Canadians, aggressive Dodge Rams and one lone Virginian.
Wildlife spotted: 2 big ravens, a magpie, a hawk, and a wolf. Yes, a wolf!
Hotel rating: *****! (that's Five Stars)
All in All: Woo hoo!

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