Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bits and Pieces

I got spoiled quickly from my one stint as Equity. Now I'm working without an assistant and doing props for this show...swiftly falling back into the groove of Super Time Management.

The director for 'Farce' is down in Missoula this morning for an awards ceremony and so we're relaxed until this afternoon. The actress is out shopping with the costume designer and I'm online looking for a script for "The Pirates of Penzance" - they Gave me one of course, but it's more like a score. I can work with the music, but for me it's easier to write out blocking on a page with the lyrics typed out line by line rather than all the music. So there you have it.

Anyway. We've put down rough blocking for all of act one - which runs a whopping forty minutes, at the moment. The saga now is hoping we find enough people to work backstage. It will be ideal to have four dressers and another person to run around knocking on doors and performing other sound effects while the actors are swapping wigs and ties and shoes. Wish us luck - and no broken legs... as wild as this play becomes, I'm afraid the possibility is far too real.

As far as rehearsal goes, I love doing the comedy in Bigfork because it's the most laid back we'll ever be. Especially with a two person show. On breaks we fall into conversations on just about any topic you can imagine, to include the super-sizing of America, the meth lab crises in Montana and of course, swapping theatre tales. The trick for me is, once a reasonable amount of time has passed, to segue back into work. So, after debating and commiscerating on the state of the union, the arts and the youth of America I find the best method is to form a bright grin and offer, "And on That note..."

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