Wednesday, May 17, 2006

That's why they call it "running" crew...

Whew! I haven't worked backstage on a show this nuts in quite awhile. I've worked on "Greater Tuna" before, but I must have forgotten how crazy it was, or it wasn't nearly as busy as this play.
We finally managed to get Three dressers, but the tricky part is that one is working in the box office during the day and so we can't begin rehearsals until five. The costume changes are nuts, as well as sprinting to hand the actor the correct prop to carry onstage and remind them where they are in the play. Fortunately all the dressers are crack running crew, doing very well under pressure. Once again my respect is renewed for those crew with outstanding memories, who are always There for the scene changes, costume changes, props, etc... Hats off to you.
Not so sure about Myself, I'm so out of practice. But I'll get there.
So amidst dodging flying shoes and glasses and darting out of the way of actors rushing by to make it to the correct door for their entrance, things are wild and fun. They're hanging lights and finishing scenery while we twiddle our thumbs and wait until five...
Okay, so we're no exactly twiddling our thumbs. I have lots of prop finishing touches to work on and checklists to refresh and all those exciting kinds of things while the actors are getting fitted for adjusted costumes and working on lines.
As apprehensive as I occasionally am about opening night - as I usually am - I know the show will go on, the audience will laugh and everything will be magic. How?
It's a mystery. ;)

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