Thursday, May 11, 2006

Drug of Choice

I have an optimistic outlook on life. Some people consider me to be Too optimistic or that my rose-colored glasses are a little too thick, thus obscuring my view of the harsh Real World with visions of sunshine and flowers and full houses.
Still, there are those moments that we all have in life (generally as Tech Week comes creeping up) that even I begin to feel a cloud of doom descend. Nothing can be worth this stress. Who in their right mind spends their free time tripping over things in a dusty attic-like room that resembles a really frightening antique shop filled with shelves of odd junk, searching for the Prop that So-and-So said they Thought they had Seen up there Awhile Ago...? Who gives up the security and comfort of a nine-to-five, year-round job for the uncertainty of a seasonal profession with odd (sometimes Very odd) hours and a new batch of colleagues (sometimes very Odd colleagues) to meet every year? Who lays awake fearing if there will be enough people backstage to help us create a the illusion of a reality that, when one thinks about it, is a situation so ridiculous that it's either impossible or entirely Too possible (ie. "Tour de Farce")?
How do I cope?
Generally a good two days of sleep will take care of such worries. Unfortunately, one must usually rise early to keep things going and so... what is there to help keep optimism up through the long, long day?

Not just any coffee, mind you. This is coffee created from the mind of a person who once, like many of you, spent up to $4 a cup for tasty steamed-milk, chocolately, uber caffienated mocha latte goodness. But now, I've discovered the considerably cheaper and more highly caffienated Cup of Coffee With Hot Chocolate. Same effect - different price.
If you're like me and you prefer your caffiene in the form of a sweet, hot dose early in the morning, I urge all of you caffiene hounds out there to try it. I'm not talking about a spoonful of chocolate to help the bitterness go down, either. I mean - dump in the whole packet.
Thanks to my daily dose I am happy to says that rehearsals are going Great, I love my profession and I have no worries at all.
Besides... who would give up This kind of entertainment for a nine-to-five?


Sonrisa said...
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Sonrisa said...

See.. now you Have to tell the story behind that photo.. o.O

Jess said...

I dunno. I kind of like leaving it up to the imagination. Theatre is all about Mystery :D