Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Day is Worth a Week

We really do get about three days worth of rehearsal done in a day here, since we only have a couple of weeks to put together shows. The second weekend of Tour de Farce went well, even smoother than the first two nights even though a week had passed. Granted, we had a brush up rehearsal, but I was still impressed.

Pirates and Seven Brides are moving along. I'm Very curious to see what will happen when we throw the set for "Seven" onstage. The thing is an absolute monster. Huge. There is a lot of beautiful choreography in the main production number of the show, most of which will hopefully fit without too much alteration. The same thing happened with "Chicago" last year, when the platforms were larger than originally thought, and farther downstage. Those little challenges.
People are already getting tired. I say 'already', but really, when you're working from 9:00 to 10:00 every day without a day off, that can wear on a person - especially when it's physical activity. So actors are slipping in later and later, just under the wire, and attention tends to roam. But it is a good company this year - I'm highly impressed with the range of talent and the amount of work everyone is doing.
We're coming up on tech week, so I really hope that people take opportunities where they can to rest (ha!), but I know it's hard. They're still getting to know eachother and sometimes going out for a beer or staying up late playing a game is more appealing. And I sure know people need to wind down after rehearsals.
I still wish I could videotape..some of the discovery moments and mistake moments are just priceless, and impossible to convey later when I'm trying to tell everyone stories. Ah well.
The next hill to get over will be getting the sets onstage, then some costumes and lights and hey, an audience.
Whew, hm... one hill at a time.. I'll just hope for some good run-thrus coming up.

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F.L. Mingo said...

Sounds like you're overworked. I suggest taking a vacation. Glacier Park is nearby, just run away and enjoy the beauty there for a while! Ooooh... I might have to take my own suggestion, I've not done enough travelling lately!