Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Law of Attraction and the Perfect Prop

I love life:
One of my housemates arrived yesterday - Monica, who is not only an excellent person but an excellent costume designer. She and I ran errands all over yesterday and I experienced a wonderful episode involving the Law of Attraction. If you haven't heard of it, wise up - it will change your life.
"Farce" takes place in a hotel room and the director (and myself, psuedo props designer that I am) had a Vision for a prop. One of the characters exits the bathroom at one point, aiming a hairdryer like a gun. We both pictured one of those small, white, wall-mounted hairdryers that you would find in any hotel room. Well, where on earth do you find That in the Flathead Valley? One of those oddball things...
Monica and I were skeptical about Wal-Mart, and she had the idea to check the big Salvation Army store in Kalispell. I Thought those hairdryers are the most random objects in the world (or more common than I thought)... for when we walked back to the Appliances section... there, sitting alone on the shelf and neatly wrapped with a note that said 'Works!' was my small, white, wall-mounted hairdryer.
Not only That, but small appliances were half off that day, and so my perfect prop cost all of $1.75.
Who's the winner?
That's right.

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