Sunday, May 07, 2006


Went out with some fellow BSPers last night to see and support the Bigfork Playhouse Children's Theatre's production of "Schoolhouse Rock Live!" and it was filled with kids singing and dancing their little (and some not so little) hearts out. I'd worked with a few of them before and it's always a moment of joy and amusement to see kids you know and love up on stage, doing what they love and knowing that, even though most of them won't go on to pursue theatre as a career, that they've been helped along by it in some way, inspired, broken out of their shells and done something wild, created, and been part of a family like no other, at least for a little while.
How did you like That run-on sentence? Faulkner would be proud.
I even got dragged up on stage by one of the miniature thespians. Yes, Jess - singing and dancing. It was frightening and I'm pleased that none of you got to see it.
Meanwhile I'm updating early since we're meeting at noon to start "Farce." Currently sitting outside Artisans gallery using the proprietor's wireless connection (with permission!) whom I know because I daylighted at his hot dog stand last year after all the shows were opened. Yes, 'daylighted,' I term I like to think I coined - to mean those jobs that theatre people take during a summer season once all the shows are opened and we aren't working in the day. Have to fund all those mocha lattes somehow.
All right all...keep it real. Or at least, suspend the disbelief for yet another day.

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